Badass Adventure #2: TSwift in Seattle

I know she isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I love TSwift. I’ve loved her since the beginning and I am not ashamed. With those amazing curls (RIP) and all the feels, I was hooked! I can’t even guess how many times I listened to “Love Story” when it came out. I’m pretty sure it was just on repeat in the car for a year or so.  Her newest album took me a minute to get used to, but I still think she is a badass! I don’t remember exactly what Brittany text me back when I told her TSwift was coming to the PNW, but I think it was in all caps and had A BUNCH of exclamation points! We both immediately requested time off work and started planning!

We got the tickets way ahead of time, and reserved this cute little Air BnB -a five minute walk from Century Link Field – I highly recommend this, especially if you can split the cost because the hotel rooms for those nights were INSANELY expensive. The concert was Wednesday night, so Tuesday after work, we hopped on a Bolt Bus (super easy -and affordable!) and headed north!


Though the neighborhood was not one I would walk alone in at night, it was SUPER convenient and affordable! A short walk to Pike Place, the waterfront, and the stadiums. The apartment had shared main living areas, but the bedroom had it’s own bathroom and shower. It was incredibly cute (and no one was there to share with)!


Brittany is an early riser, so we were up and at it early Wednesday, which gave us a TON of time to kill. We started the day right with some caffeine- Brittany wanted to go to the first Starbucks, so I looked up the directions… and promptly took us to the wrong one. Which I didn’t realize until later… details, details…

Brittany, enjoying her coffee at *not* the first Starbucks…


Because it was still so early, the market wasn’t open yet, so we went exploring along the waterfront. Actually, this was pretty amazing – I’d never been down there with so few people! We did almost have multiple collisions with runners and bicyclists, but survived in the end – plus it was gorgeous!


After walking the length of the piers, down to The Olympic Sculpture Park and back, it was time for The Daily Dozen Doughnut Company to open! We headed back to the market, grabbed a half dozen assorted and proceeded to eat them all! Totes worth it. They open at 0830 (get there early to avoid the line), and don’t accept cards. There is an ATM close by (look for the pig statue by the fishmongers, it’s near there). Though the sprinkle was delish, my favorite was the cinnamon.

Existential question of the day: What is your biggest fear? Answer for both of us: Being alone. Thank goodness we found each other!! 😉

Brittany, demolishing some sprinkled goodness from The Daily Dozen Doughnut Company!

We explored the market for awhile, which is always a blast. If you’ve never been to The Pike Place Market, you should go! From the fresh fruit samples, to the friendly fishmongers throwing around slimy fish, the nerd shop to all the amazing artisan booths, there really is something for everyone (unless you don’t like the general public or crowds, then I do NOT recommend it).



The Gum Wall, a must see on any Seattle trip!

Lunch time rolled around, and we decided to try Anthony’s Bell Street Diner. We sat outside, mostly by ourselves (since we got there when they opened at 1100 – side note, the service was excellent). The Blackened Rockfish Tacos alone were worth a second trip (which we did the next day) – so DELICIOUS!

While enjoying our meals and beverages, we tried to decide what we were going to do with the rest of our day… Brittany had recently mentioned how she wanted another tattoo, so, after some deliberation– we decided to go for it! After a couple false starts, we found a tattoo shop that seemed a good fit: Artful Dodger Tattoo and Comics – nerds and tattoos, what could be better?! It was especially appropriate as I got a tattoo from my favorite show Firefly, and Brittany got a Harry Potter tattoo!


After our spontaneous tattoo-ing, we were hungry! At the recommendation of our tattoo artist we grabbed some delicious Vietnamese food at the nearby Tangerine Tree. We were not disappointed – fast service, delicious and healthy food at a reasonable price!! We made our way back to the apartment for a little rest, (a little whiskey), and got ready for the show!

We walked over to Century Link field around 6:30pm, joining the tens of thousands of fans headed to the show. As we walked in, we were handed these fit-bit-esque bracelets with no explanation, but as soon as the music started, it was obvious what they were for! The entire stadium turned into a light show! This was quite literally the BEST concert I’ve EVER attended. One-hundred percent worth the money, and if she comes back, you best believe I’m going to be there (preferably down in front)!!

We walked back, had a whiskey night cap, and passed out. We ended up sleeping in a little bit the next day, and our hosts were kind enough to let us leave our bags at the apartment while we did a little more adventuring. Our Bolt Bus didn’t leave until noon, so we decided to check out the Seattle Aquarium. Getting there when they opened really improved the experience – no lines, no kids, and – most importantly – no one standing in front of me at the octopus tank!


So hard to get a good picture of her with the shiny glass!








After one more lunch at Anthony’s Bell Street Diner, we headed back, grabbed our bags and hopped on the Bolt Bus. Soon enough we were back in Portland, and headed to our houses! We had an amazing trip, and I came home feeling pretty badass!!

Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks!


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