Gene’s First Tattoo (AKA Percy)

Gene has been thinking about getting his first tattoo for… about four years now. Finally, I took matters into my own hands. I scheduled an appointment and created a group message between our AMAZING tattoo artist, Celeste, Gene and myself. Sometimes you just have to DIY a thing to get it done!!!

Percy, the draft

I LOVE our tattoo artist. We were so fortunate to meet Celeste through mutual friends years ago, and not only did we make a friend, but we have been going to her for our tattoos since then (except that one time in Seattle where I asked her for permission to go somewhere else)!! Celeste is an extremely talented artist, plus she is a super great human being (bonus, lol)!! Gene is a bit of a perfectionist, and he has been thinking and planning this tattoo for years.

One of the things I love about Celeste is she doesn’t just tattoo anything on anyone. She really wants the art to be well thought out in content and in location. She talked Gene through every step of the way, and graciously put up with our group message-picture sending-silliness. When she could tell he wasn’t ready yet, she didn’t push it. She gently made suggestions for what would look good/better, and encouraged Gene to wait until he was ready. This resulted in him being 100% comfortable and 1million% excited!

Our tradition has become to make an appointment on a Saturday at noon, and head up to her tattoo parlor in Washington early that morning. We grab lunch at Red Robin (our favorite!) and then head over to her place. Sometimes we stay the night, but this time we had to head back home (the next day was Father’s Day, after all).

One really big difference between Gene and myself (while sitting for a tattoo) is that Celeste and I talk the ENTIRE time I’m getting a tattoo. Seriously. THE WHOLE TIME. That could be an hour, or four hours, but we just chit-chat it up! Maybe it’s annoying for her, but if so, she plays along! She is so interesting to talk to, and I love the distraction. Gene, on the other hand – pretty much complete and utter silence. The. Entire. Time. But then again, I talked enough for the both of us, as usual!

The first ink!

Gene really did great. He maybe got a little crankier towards the end… but he sat still and hung in there! He even tolerated me taking his picture. A lot. 🙂

Pretty much as soon as Celeste was done, Gene said “I can’t wait to get it shaded in!” I immediately named him Percy the Parasaurolophus, which Gene hates. So, naturally, I will persist in calling him Percy. Until the day I die.

After all the tattooing was done, we went over to Lakewood and met up with Gene’s brother John. We had a lovely time at Topside Bar & Grill – the drinks were delicious, the food was amazing, and the view could not be beat!

View from the deck at Topside

After some yummy steamer clams, John took us out to Point Defiance Park for a little adventuring. He and Gene caught all the pokey-mans and I hunted for agates. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to walk along the water!

Catching the Pokey-mans! (John hid his phone behind his back just before the snap).


If you have a little extra time and want a beautiful place to stretch you legs, this was wonderful! We even got to see a few seals swim along beside us for awhile! 🙂  All in all, a great adventure! Stay tuned for Percy 2.0 come Christmas-time, and if you are looking for a tattoo artist, I know a great one!

Let me know if you have any recommendations for future adventures in the Lakewood/Puyallup area, because we will definitely be back!

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