Badass Adventure # 3: Pittock Mansion

Sometimes you really want to go on a hike. Get out into nature, away from the noise and the people and the buildings. Some of those times you also don’t want to have to drive two hours just to get to those things. The Pittock Mansion Hike is an excellent (though popular) option in this situation! The trails are well maintained and beautiful. They are mostly dog friendly (the ones I’ve hiked), and some end in breathtaking views of the city and the river!


One fine June day in Oregon, Brittany and I struck out to do a little adventuring with the puppy girls. We parked on Thurman Street and walked down the stairs to the trail head at Lower Macleay Park. I wouldn’t recommend this with puppies – the stairs are made of a metal grate that the girls did NOT appreciate on the paddy paws. It wasn’t that it wounded them, just that it felt strange (I think). There is parking on Upshur street which avoids the stairs, you just walk into the park, under the bridge and head along the creek.


These trails are pretty popular. We met a lot of other dogs, trail runners, families, you name it – lots of locals like to get out into nature, and the ease of access for Portlanders makes this an obvious choice.


You’ll continue on to Wildwood Trail at “The Witch’s House” (sometimes called The Stone House, but let’s be honest, witch name is more fun? See what I did there? Oh man, cracking myself up!). The girls were definitely fans of exploring the house, though (sadly, though perhaps fortunately) we did not see any evidence of Witchcraft.


Photo Credit: Brittany! (I’m behind the rocks, holding the leashes).

Keep heading uphill, cross Cornell Road (**carefully**), and climb up to The Pittock Mansion. You’ll come to an intersection of trails at one point – continue on Wildwood Trail. By the gift shop, kind of tucked back to the right, they had a water bowl for pups, and the girls definitely took advantage! You can see by the parking lot that this is a popular place to visit.


And who can blame them! The Mansion is impressive (I’ve never toured it – but it looks beautiful), the gardens are grand, and the view of Portland is amazing!!!


After a short resty, some puppy petsies, and a few photos, we headed back down along the Upper Macleay Trail, which connects back to Wildwood Trail, then back across Cornell and down to the park and the car. The whole thing is about 5 miles, and I think it probably took us two hours at the most, taking pictures, wrangling puppies, and lolligagging at the Mansion. We headed back to Brittany and Dante’s house for some draaaanks, games and fun with the boys! (Most of these are cell phone pictures, taken after the aforementioned draaaanks, and as such, please forgive me for the quality- or lack thereof!).


We tried to recreate a whiskey-ginger-rosemary drink I had in New York with Janelle and Cody. It was ok, but it just wasn’t the same and we probably won’t be doing that one again (Gene had cider, typical)!

If you are visiting Portland, or live around here and have a couple hours you want to spend in nature, exploring, I think this is a great option! There are plenty more trails in Forest Park to explore – let me know if you have a favorite! I’m always looking for new hike ideas!!

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