Badass European Adventure: Ireland Overview

I’ll be honest with you. I have no idea how to share this trip effectively, without writing a small novel. The sheer volume of information I have rolling around in my head feels monumental. How does Rick Steves do it?! Short answer: he’s amazing. (**disclaimer** not a paid advertisement, but if Rick’s people are reading – I’m a big fan!).

Anyways … It may be because this was my first trip out of the states, and as such, my first trip to Europe. So, bear with me while I blunder my way through our itinerary, the highlights (and low-lights- is that a phrase?), and some things we learned along the way.


First of all, our travel agent found a great price on a flight in and out of Seattle. Living near the Portland metro area meant that we would have to drive, but for the savings, it was worth it. My Uncle Jerry lives near Seattle, and he and his wife not only helped us plan our trip with TONS of priceless information, but also put us up for the night and drove us to the airport, and were willing to pick us up when we finally got back.

I had been planning this trip for about 2 years. And, in case you don’t know me, I LOVE me some spreadsheets! There’s just something about being able to get all those thoughts and plans laid out so clearly – I LOVE IT. You should’ve seen me when someone told me about Google Sheets (**disclaimer** also not a paid advertisement, but hey google, lookin’ good) – it was like little kid Christmas!!

ireland itinerary

Here we see the Ireland itinerary spreadsheet in all it’s splendor! You can see I tried to work in some slow start days, at Padre’s request. It may be the most helpful idea he contributed, because DAMN we needed those days! (If you want to see it in more detail, let me know and I’ll work on that).

ireland loop map
Courtesy of Google Maps

Also, it is likely that you may notice, there is a small possibility that I was, maybe, possibly, just a tiny bit overly-optimistic, and furthermore you may also deduce that we spent A LOT of time driving (so many lessons learned). Check out the Parking & Driving post for more on that!

In the coming days/weeks, I plan to separate out the different parts of our trip, most likely by the city that we slept in (you can see that is how the spreadsheet is also arranged- convenient? I think so!). If you see anything you have questions, or want to know more about, just let me know!

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