Badass European Adventure Day 6: Cobh

After another lovely breakfast with Kathy at Applecroft House, we struck out in the rain to check out the local waterfall, Torc Falls. A very short hike took us up to the pretty waterfall. There were some stairs that beckoned to be climbed to the left of the trail, but we had been warned that “they never went anywhere”. Now, the fellow who told us that didn’t seem too keen on hiking, but it was wet, Padre was not interested (I may have been hungover), and so -we didn’t explore them.

Originally, I had left the option for us to drive ourselves out to Dingle, or do some other exploring around Killarney on this day. Since it was pouring and we had such a late start (oopsies!) we decided to stay a little more mellow, and head out towards St. Finbar’s Oratory. On our way back from the waterfall, we got to see some of the deer in Killarney National Park! So pretty!

DSC_0662DSC_0664Next stop: St Finbar’s Oratory. I had seen some MAGNIFICENT shots of this small chapel, and I felt like – of all the churches I’ve had the pleasure of seeing – THIS one aligned with my idea of worship (though I do not practice any kind of organized religion, I think you’ll see what I mean). The setting is the definition of idyllic, and the foggy, rainy gray morning we experienced added a hushed ambiance that was especially spell-binding for me. DSC_0694DSC_0667DSC_0673DSC_0669

Padre was really impressed by the award winning bathroom – he made me take this picture!

After St Finbar’s we made our way towards Cork for some lunch. We stopped at The South County Bar and Cafe– I remember lunch being good, but I ordered this Eton Mess for dessert (below) -and it was AMAZING! I also recall the service being excellent, the waitstaff insanely kind, and the atmosphere really fun (even at an off time of day)! Apparently they also do live music, and the bar(s) host many different nooks to cozy up in!


We went out to check out Blackrock Castle Observatory – a castle turned science museum!! I thought to myself, what could be better – space AND castles?! Uh, not much!! If only I had thought to myself “hmm, maybe we should check the schedule and make sure we get there at a decent time”. So, by the time we got there, the only tour left a little too late for us to feel comfortable making it to our B&B check in time.

Our B&B was at Mount View with Noreen, just outside of Cork in the city of Cobh. We had the attached room (ground floor), which was handy and quiet, but the very smallest room we stayed in. Breakfast was lovely, and Noreen and her husband very kind! Most people travel here because of it’s history being the last port for the Titanic before it sank. We may have ended up here because of the fun colorful houses, but who remembers those details anymore?!

The evening stayed gray, but we found some drinks, then dinner- first at The Roaring Donkey (!!), then ate at O’Shea’s (The Commodore Hotel Bar).

Though there are many interesting views and sights in Cobh, the Cathedral really kind of steals the show. It felt like there would be no way to forget about God/Jesus/Church in this town, with this gorgeous reminder smack dab in the middle of town!

Thankfully, the next day dawned MUCH sunnier!!! We did a little exploring in the light (read: I forced them to walk around with me while I sent postcards and took photos!).


The view from Mount View B&B


We read about a wildlife nature park nearby called FOTA that had Red Pandas – so you can bet your boots we got movin’ early so we could spend some time there! More in the next post!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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