Badass Interview #1: Brittany

Brittany is successful young woman, who works at Kindercare as an Operations Manager. She and her husband Dante live in Oregon City with their fur kids, Ollie (pronounced OWREE, just kidding, but it's just cute and I like it that way - he's an adorable King Charles Cavalier/maybe mixed with something?) and Belle (a sweetheart... Continue Reading →

Gene’s First Tattoo (AKA Percy)

Gene has been thinking about getting his first tattoo for... about four years now. Finally, I took matters into my own hands. I scheduled an appointment and created a group message between our AMAZING tattoo artist, Celeste, Gene and myself. Sometimes you just have to DIY a thing to get it done!!! I LOVE our... Continue Reading →

A Roomie in NYC

Sometimes, being an adult sucks. For most of us it means more responsibility, more work, getting up to an alarm, eating healthier... Buuuut.... it can also mean eating ice cream for dinner, never folding your laundry, having your own money to do fun things, or getting the opportunity to move cross country! This is a... Continue Reading →

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